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Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd., is a public sectorundertaking promoted by the Government of Karnataka for the purpose of canalizing sale of liquor in the State.

Government initiated a set of reforms in June 2003, which broadly consists of reduction and rationalization of excise duty structure and simplification of procedures.

As a canalizing route, the manufacturers, both within and outside the state, keep their stocks in the Corporation’s godowns across the State of Karnataka for distribution to wholesale licensees till the end of 30th June 2006 and effective from 1st July 2006 the distribution is now made to the retail and other licensees subsequent to abolition of wholesale business.

Corporation operates its activity through 55 liquor depots located in 30 districts and for handling spirit operations, 38 depots have been established in each of the functioning primary distilleries.

The challenge was to maintain financial and inventory records for each depot and compile & consolidate this data from each depot at the head office. This was resulting in tedious manual data entries causing errors and delays in the payments to distilleries and the end of the year consolidation of accounts. The Government reform also placed a major challenge of shifting the entire transactions from 300 Wholesale distributors to 8000+ direct retailers, thus increasing the volume & complexity of transactions manifold.

IASC facilitated this transaction smoothly for KSBL in a matter of 6 weeks, by equipping these depots with suitable IT infrastructure. With customized Financial & Inventory Software developed in Distributed Database architecture enabled data transfer between depot and head office through electronic mode. The business critical activities were automated thus making them effiecient & enabling critical management information to be available to the skateholders at their finger tips.